Get into Artificial Intelligence & Product Management, Mentorship by Experts from Tesla, Paypal & Leading Generative AI & Join Global Network at GTI Feynman Fellowship To Become a Young Tech Leader


Why GTI Feynman Fellowship Works?

Learn from Mentors in Tesla, Generative AI

The mentor will guide you personally on the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence/Product Management by training you through projects and interviews and teaching you how to advance your career.

Do Live Projects & Write AI Papers

As a Feynman Fellow you learn Future Tech Skills by actually working on real Projects with your mentors and writing Tech White paper, thereby increasing your skill and enhancing your profile.

Get Recruited by Top Employers

GGI (parent company of Global Tech Initiative) has forged strong employment partnerships with leading organizations for talent, who are always looking for quality and well trained tech talent

Become Part of Global Network

Global community represents powerful internationally diverse leaders who are at the helm of leading organizations. And this community helps each other out - not just in referring you to your first job, but in navigating a thriving career or in building your startups.

Best teaching can be done only when there is a direct relationship between a teacher and a good student- Richard Feynman, a famous physicist felt that- a situation where the student discusses ideas, thinks about things, and talks about things. But in modern times, it's hard to create scalable solutions since there are so many students. Hence, GTI Feynman Fellowship has created a nonscalable AI and PM work experience ecosystem outcome at 1/500th of the cost!
In the coming decades, as the pace of technological change continues to increase, millions of professionals need to be not just upskilled but reskilled—a profoundly complex societal challenge that will sometimes require workers to both acquire new skills and change occupations entirely. Professionals have a critical role to play in addressing this challenge. Hence, we at Global Tech Initiative solve this through our Feynman Fellowship Program.
Recognition by Economic Times: Global Tech Initiative has been featured in news by Economic Times for it's extremely practical curriculum.

Life After GTI Feynman Fellowship

There is no one single 'typical' GTI career path. You will be joined by the diverse GTI fellows and scholars spanning sectors, industries, and geographies, and interests range from Artificial Intelligence, Product Management & Tech.

Many large employers already find that the Feynman Fellowship from Global Tech Initiative prepares Young Professionals not only for private sector Tech Positions but also for jobs within leading Tech firms, governments, and other functional areas that necessitate an education that goes beyond traditional Tech skills.

GTI Feynman Fellowship will be GTI Fellows for careers in a variety of sectors. Examples include :

Organizations focused on developing market interests such as Dalberg

Feynman Fellows at Global Tech Initiative are positioned to have a deep understanding of the complexity of Modern Tech Problems.


Who is this Fellowship for ?

1. You are looking to pivot in the future tech field and work in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Tech PM roles in firms such as Google, Amazon and in firms such as Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, & leading tech startups.

2. You are a UPSC aspirant looking for a relevant Plan B for Civil Services and keen to contribute to the social impact sector.

3. You are looking for a unique pre-MS work experience in Artificial Intelligence and Tech PM by working on Live projects.

4. You are a budding entrepreneur who is aiming to launch & scale ventures and looking to strengthen tech skills while building an incredible support system.


Curriculum & Commitment

6 Months

Program length, flexible upon your needs and availability

100+ Hours of Live Masterclasses

Over 10 weekends, based on your availability

AI Paper with Expert mentor

Experts from Tesla, Paypal etc,

75+ Employment Partners

Who will recruit from Global Tech Initiative periodically

Unlimited Networking

You continue to be a part of the family post your graduation

1:1 Founders' Office Hours

During graduation. 1 to take forward your Tech dreams

Live Project

After finishing Tech paper, to build your profile

Global Tech Initiative Hackathons

Peer to Peer hackathons solving ground breaking problems


You will learn along with a Diverse Community who Adds to your Perspective

Fellows are directly mentored by industry practitioners at every step. Mentor led education to interweave learning with working, instead of seeing these as separate things. The fellowship selection process is rigorous and is an invite-only program.


A Liberal Refund Policy for You

Your learning is our no. 1 goal and we want this decision to be 100% risk-free for you so you can just focus on learning. We have no questions ask the full refund of the enrollment amount of the selected scholars and fellows, till the first 6 days from the payment date.

You Learn & Build Network with World's Top CTOs, Engineers, & Tech Instructors of GGI


CEO Global Tech Initiative, GGI, Ex BCG


Head, Data Science, AI Climate Connect, Defense Technology, IIM Bangalore


Cofounder GGI, Ex United Nations and Advisor to Eastern European Governments


Director of AI, GEP


Data Scientist, IIT Guwahati


Senior Product Manager, Amazon Seattle


S/W Engineer, AI Expert, IIT Delhi


Group Product Manager, PayPal


Software Developer Mercari, Amazon ML, IIT Kharagpur

With Feynman Fellowship, The World is Your Classroom

Today's Global Tech Leaders must be able to successfully navigate different cultures, economies, and industries. To help Feynman fellows during executive education develop these crucial capabilities, GTI has carefully designed a portfolio of immersive, experiential courses that take place across sectors and industries. This is achieved in 3 stages :


Context is a critical component of sound decision-making in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Product Management - and breadth of knowledge is what creates great tech thinkers and leaders. GTI will prepare Feynman Fellows to be future Tech leaders by honing skills that allow them to connect the dots across many different areas including Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Sustainability, Psychology, & Communications, Product management & and tech ethics, Entrepreneurship, liberal arts, and core Tech perspectives - via GGI's trademarked Masterclasses.

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STAGE 2 - Access to Employment Partnerships & Skin in the Game

In order to understand the world, you have to have skin in the game. The world of AI and PM is unpredictable and ever changing. Feynman Fellows are put in tough spots where they refine their craft by publishing AI-style projects under the Council on Sustainable Development.

Theoretical learnings, intertwined with practical experiences are what make the Feynman Fellowship unique. Passionate Fellows, and their mentors - delve into the hard of questions of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in this stage.

It is because of the experiential learning component, Feynman Fellows will be able to successfully outshine others in their Interviews.

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STAGE 3 - Community, Hackathons, Networking Nights & Wellness Sesssions

It is often said that if you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person who cares for you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem. For Global Tech Initiative Fellows that one person is the entire community at Global Tech Initiative.

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Learn What Matters via Global Tech Initiative Case-based Weekend Masterclasses in AI & Tech Product Management


Coding for CEOs (Python) & ChatGPT Prompt for Developers Masterclass


Ethical Artificial Intelligence for Impact Masterclass


Data Analytics & Data Science Masterclass


Product Managers & Platforms For Engineers Mastercass


Entrepreneurship & Funding Masterclass


Engineering Arts & Sciences (Stats, SQL, System Design) Masterclass


Management Communications & Responsible Leadership Masterclass


Data Structures & Algorithm Masterclass

Program Fees

Our competitors charge Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000. So we decided to try crazy pricing. We are 80% cheaper than our competitor's price. We are doing this because we want to make high-quality future tech and soft skills education truly accessible to you all and disrupt the space.

Or if you don't want to commit, we have no questions ask full refund policy within 6 days of enrollment payment, Either way, you win.

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